ORIDINGWAY MANGOTEEN citycoco 3000w for Brasil

ORIDINGWAY MANGOTEEN citycoco 3000w for Brasil ORIDINGWAY M8 is one of New citycoco 3000w for Brasil . It has powerful motor in the rear wheel, which has three options for the motor power, 1500W, 2000W and 3000W. The speed can reach 60km/h, very fast, and stable. To keep the high speed and the long distant, we offer big capacity removable Lithium Battery, 60v 12ah battery, 60V 20ah battery, and 60V 30ah battery, the riding range can be 30km-80km. M8 standard features: Frame Material: Aluminum alloy tube Wheel hub: 12 inch aluminum wheel Climbing capacity: 30 degree Loading weight: 200kg Max speed: 60km/h Riding Distant: 30-80km Motor: 1500W or 2000W or 3000W Battery: 60V12AH, 60V20AH, 60V30AH Big head lights, LCD display, front & rear suspension, front & rear turning lights, stop light, phone holder, alarm, rearview mirror, 5A battery charger, fireproof charging port